Special services More than just full service! Logistics outsourcing with optimal company integration:

Centrally located terminals with outstanding traffic connections, ample transport and storage capacities, state-of-the-art loading technology -- these are all excellent prerequisites for a logistics service provider. But more is needed to ensure that this really becomes full service made to order, with customer-specific solutions along the entire logistics chain.

Therefore, we offer to take over your complete import and export handling including customs clearance. After arrival of the goods at our terminals, we manage the inspection and storage of the goods, claim processing, labelling with barcodes, picking, invoicing and documentation. Of course, customer-specific order management also means corresponding reporting and inventory management. Thanks to our high-performance digital network, we not only ensure smooth production processes, you also have access to the current inventory of your goods at all times. For interface communication, we rely on our specially developed POLIS software.

But our service does not end with the punctual delivery of your goods to the desired location. As part of our in-house logistics, we also offer you tailor-made options to expand your logistics chain. We will be happy to take over the professional unpacking of your goods and their placement at the exact spot where they are needed -- "just-in-sequence". Quality controls, spare parts logistics, loading and disposal are among our other services. In addition, or alternatively, we can also provide you with personnel especially trained in professional paper handling. Due to great demand, we have established our own temporary employment agency for this purpose.

Whether you opt for integrated individual solutions or complete solutions, the Pohl Group always offers you exactly the solution you want ... in other words, full service made to order.


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