Paper logistics State-of-the-art paper logistics carried out with the highest standards and the necessary sensitivity

Paper logistics has always been one of the core competencies of the Pohl Group. Our expertise in this field is correspondingly substantial, and our range of services is correspondingly extensive. This begins with the organisation of multimodal transport from paper mills all over the world to our centrally located terminals in the German urban conurbations.

After professional unloading, each paper roll is checked, electronically recorded, and stored as specified in the order under optimum conditions, in order to be delivered "just-in-time" to the desired location. The transports are completely adapted to the sensitive products. In addition to our specially trained employees, state-of-the-art technology guarantees maximum sensitivity: This includes our forklift trucks, which can carry up to 12 tons and which, with their sensor-controlled roll clamp technology, build up exactly the right pressure to transport the paper rolls undamaged. Our specially developed truck-semitrailer belt system ensures safety and gentle, fast handling throughout the entire transport process. In order to minimise direct contact to the extent possible, the paper rolls are moved via conveyor belts to our special trucks, which deliver them punctually and undamaged to their destination.

But that's not all. Our employees can unpack the rolls at the factory and deliver them to the exact location in your company where they are needed. "In-house logistics made to measure!" In addition, as part of our in-house temporary employment scheme, we make specialists available to you who have been trained in the professional handling of paper, such as the operation of paper roll clamps.

Of course, for us full service also means supporting you in all organisational and administrative matters. These include, among other things: customs clearance, claim management, picking, barcode labelling, invoicing, customer-specific inventory management, etc.

Renowned printers, publishers and companies from the packaging industry have put their trust in our expertise, reliability and flexibility for many years. The handling of over 1.5 million tons of paper in our paper terminals is impressive proof of this.


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